The Empty Threats

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Baby Candy

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They bow to the power of fuzz. Baby Candy. (Read like a grindhouse radio ad) 

Lo-fi garage fantasies of a galaxy drenched in fuzz. A supersaturated blend of riffs, licks, rumbles and kicks. Get your stereo insured before they blast it to bits, Baby Candy are blasting off to a new world of high energy rock n roll.

 New music coming January 2021 

Rocky’s Pride & Joy

Look here @rockysprideandjoy
Rocky's Pride & Joy are an enigma. Delivering dark and deadly doom while not bowing to the genre's expectations. Gone are the 15 minute epics, they've been replaced with concise slabs of heavy hitting grooves, and lyrics so dark they satisfy Satan herself.

 First single coming February 2021 

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